About the Podcast

This podcast is my story of running a business in the podcast industry. It will cover some of the ups and downs of being a solo business owner as my life/work overlap in many ways.

The plan is to be primarily a solo audio journal but I may pull people in from around my world, online and locally, who can help give a bit more colour to whatever is going on in my life each week.

About Lemon Productions

Lemon Productions is a web and new media development studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan run by Chris Enns. Helping individuals and businesses get off the ground and onto the web is what drives me and why I love running my own business.

In 2018 I focused in on helping edit, produce, and consult in podcasting and video for the web. While I love building websites and dabbling in marketing (and still do on occasion), getting to work in audio/video with clients is my chance to come full circle to what I had hoped to do with I started Lemon Productions back in 2006.

You can contact me if you're interested in hiring me to help edit or produce your podcast.

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