The Story Behind the Lemon

A look behind the scenes of running a solo business that edits & produces podcasts.

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Happy International Podcast Day 2020! [Cross Posting from Show Me Your Mic]

I'm cross-posting this from my other podcast, Show Me Your Mic. Hello world! In honor of International Podcast Day 2020 I recorded a bit of an angry old man encouragem...

Black Lives Matter - Rebroadcast from

I'm rebroadcasting, with their permission, an episode of The Ladybug Podcast featuring an interview with Jocelyn Harper talking about why racism and privilege is so ha...

Making Money with your Podcast

In this episode I talk about ways to make money from your podcast.

How to Get Involved in Podcasting as a Business

In this episode I talk about ways for a business to be involved with podcasting besides the obvious way of just starting a podcast.

Wrapping up the Basics of Podcasting Series

I finish up my series on the what, why, who, when, and where of podcasting with a brief recap as well as reporting back on the responses to my poll of when people list...

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